Are you wondering what we stand for?

(also, the 6 principles of interaction design according to Donald Norman)
the design thinking process for innovationthe design thinking process for innovation

And what to expect when working with us...

We make sure the process, pricing and project status are always visible

When something is out of sight, it’s difficult to react on time. We want you to be well informed about the status quo of your project and all available options and be able to choose wisely and on a timely manner what the best solution for you is, according to your business goals and product vision. Working with us, you will never have to wonder, how the project, budgeting, and product evolves.

We give our honest feedback and expect the same in return

We want our clients to build and launch friendly, intuitive, and successful products.
To achieve this, we keep a honest, open collaboration culture and appreciate feedback and constructive criticism.

We tailor our collaboration to your workflow and company culture

We want to deliver value. We create a safe environment for your project to flourish, and we make sure we adapt to your culture and tailor our team, services and communication style to your workflow.

We never let you feel lost during the process

To achieve that we are mapping out the process, and give you a great overview to understand where you stand, what the status quo is and what to expect in short and long-term as well.

We set constraints to avoid negative surprises

We evaluate your current situation - regarding scope, timeframes, team capacity, and budget -and work with you to setup priorities, and set clear constraints to avoid negative surprises on delivery and delays.

We stay consistent... our promises, values, and service quality. We embrace consistency in our life, work, personal and business relationships.
our core values

To keep our work-passion alive, we make sure, we work with and for people who share our core values:

We believe in people

and we are committed to help them improve their lives and their current situation one task at a time.

We are committed to deliver value

to anything we get involved. Thus we support our clients to discover the right problem to solve, and tailor all of our services to their current needs.

We embrace transparency

and we make sure each of our partner, team-member or client has a great visibility on our process, budgeting and status quo.

We are always a work in progress

and we are not afraid to fail as many times as needed in order to find the most suitable solution to any obstacle, that might arise.

We are constantly learning

and we share our knowledge with the people we work with, our colleagues, our clients, our mentees and trainees.

We are thrilled to receive honest feedback

as its is essential for us to learn, move forward and make ourselves and our services better.

We try to always give back

we offer two packages, which are available to hand-selected NGOs and Startups only. If you are representing a NGO or a Startup, with low budget for UX, we suggest you get in touch.

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