Design thinking, design sprints, lean UX? Our dedicated teams follow the best practice based on your project's needs, not their own biases.

Design Thinking

Design thinking is a process, which concentrates its efforts to awake empathy towards the user, challenge assumption and reframing the challenges in an attempt to identify non-apparent solutions. Following the design thinking process we focus our efforts to empathise & understand the user, define the challenge to solve according to user’s needs, ideate towards a wide-range of solutions, prototype our solutions, test with users and iterate according to our findings.

When clarity about the scope, the challenge at hand and/ or users is needed, we usually recommend the design-thinking process which gives us the chance to dive into the situation with clear vision, frame the right problem and shape a surprising and delightful solution, which will exceed user's expectations.

Design Sprints

A design sprint is a time-boxed framework which enables teams to clearly define goals, validate assumptions and meet informed, validated decisions about a feature or product before starting development.

When the challenge is quite clear and framed, can be addressed within a Design Sprint, and up to 7 key-stakeholders & team members are available to participate in a 4-days intensive sprint, then working on a Design Sprint with us, is a great opportunity to come-up with tangible, feasible outcomes and a plan for your next steps.

Lean UX

Lean UX is a technique focusing on the iterative user experience improvement rather than a pre-defined, structured process and deliverables, leaving-out requirements and applying a problem statement instead, which potentially leads to a set o assumptions . Those assumptions are usually used to create hypotheses, which are tested with users to take the appropriate decisions.

If you don't have your own UX team in place and would like to move fast, are not afraid of failure during the process and don't need structured deliverables, we will work with you introducing Lean UX into your workflow.
This approach is more suitable for startups, companies with flat-hierarchies and/ or companies where the design decisions are not involved with senior management politics.

UX in Agile

Although Lean UX can support the UX Design needs of an agile development team efficiently, we have first-hand experience that this is not always the ideal approach, especially when the agile or scrum framework is applied in corporate environments and organisations.

If you are working with an agile framework and would like to introduce UX into your workflow or enhance the dynamics of your current UXers we will work with you throughout all challenges that UX practitioners and agile teams use to face when working together, and we will shape together the most appropriate UX approach and action plan which would work for your workflow, framework and company culture as well.

UX for Waterfall

If you are working in Waterfall & you need the support of an effective, efficient, traditional UX team or you require a UX practitioner to work with you on your waterfall project, don't shy away.

We can accommodate your needs and maybe introduce to you some new-edge short-cuts which will enhance your current workflow.

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